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Let’s look at a few basic Harley-Davidson maintenance items that are often over looked. These are simple maintenance items that you really should pay attention to. Sometimes we just want to hop on and go, but try not to forget some of these basic maintenance checks so your Harley riding experience is a safe one.  

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Maintenance advice
Make sure you have even tread wear and not beyond the safe wear limits. Motorcycle tires have built-in tread wear bars as part of their design. The bars are areas in the grooved part of the tread which are raised a little from the bottom of the groove. They are designed so you can see when a tire is reaching the end of its life. Riding with a tire after its’ reached this wear bar is not safe. The tire cannot channel water correctly and it will puncture easier. Another thing to look for on you tires is cracking or checking on the sidewall. The sidewall dries out and causes these cracks. Do not ride with a tire in this condition.

Tire inflation is one of the most important aspects of your Harley-Davidson maintenance. It’s normal for a tire to loose air over time. You should check tire pressure on a regular basis. Riding on an underinflated tire can cause abnormal tire wear, adversely affecting the bikes handling. It can also lead to heat buildup in the tire which is a major cause of tire failure.

When you think about Harley-Davidson maintenance, most riders don’t think about their valve stems. Make sure the valve stem is covered with a cap. For proper balance, make sure you use the same cap you used when the wheel was balanced. Check for signs of cracking on rubber stems

Cables loosen due to vibration and expansion and contraction of the terminals as they heat up and cool down. If this happens, it’s possible for your battery to go dead and leave you stranded. When tightening the positive terminal, don’t touch the motorcycle’s frame. See your manual.

Brake rotors should have a smooth clean surface not rough and grooved. Also look for discoloration just inside the area where the brake pads contact.

Make sure your brake pads are thick enough. A good rule of thumb is 1/16” but always check your manual

Spokes can loosen for a number of different reasons. To check them, carefully drag the tip of a screw driver over them and listen to the sound it makes. A loose spoke makes a different sound than the properly tensioned one. If you find one or more loose spokes, tell your mechanic. Check the overall condition of your wheels, whether it's spoked, cast or whatever.

When it comes to Harley-Davidson maintenance, one of the easiest and most important things you could do is check your oil regularly. Oil not only lubricates but it helps keep the engine cool. Harley-Davidson has used different types of oil dipsticks. Some are rigid and others swivel at the joint. You need to use the style your bike came with. Some bike require a certain positioning of the kickstand to check the oil level, while others need to be upright. Again, check your manual.

Have someone stand in front and behind you to check your head light, tail light/brake light and blinkers. If you're alone, pull up to a wall, (for reflection) and check your front lights and blinkers then back up and check your back lights.

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